Hymn to Hekate

by Lykeia

Swathed in Red is Hekate. 
Hooded in Red is Hekate. 
Red hemmed Artemis lift aloft your burning torch, 
And bring the trumpet of the nocturnal hunt. 
The flow of life is in the hands of Hekate, 
And her burning light guids the way. 
Terror-ridden roar of the bull is the trumpets blast, 
And the hounds bay in search of their prey. 
The beasts of the woods shudder in their homes, 
And a scream fills the night air. 
None is safe from the nocturnal hunt, 
And Hekate guides the host of souls to their new abode. 
The light of Hekate does not flicker, 
But illuminates the halls of the dead, 
And exalts in the company of fair Persephone. 
Bloodied red Hekate, we leave your monthly feast, 
At the site of your throne. 
Red swathed Hekate has all roads lain before her, 
And mericful goddess greets those unfortunate to share her plate.
The touch of Hekate is merciful, and in her embrace we depart

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