To Hekate

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

On raven wings
She flies
On wolf legs
She sulks
Icy blue eyes stare
Out of the darkness
Taking in all they see.
All that is los
Belongs to Her
All that is discarded
All that is abused
All that is forgotten
Belongs to Her.
Dark Goddess
Keeper of the Dead
Stalker of the Dark
Lady of the Crossroads
She sees the broken soul
And takes it to Her
She’s a healer, in Her own way
She sees the strength in the weak
The beauty in the ugly
The abundance in the destitute.
She offers Her help –
But it is not easy.
She pokes and prods.
Taunts, even.
And in the end
She leaves it up to you.
You must prove yourself to He
Prove yourself worthy
Of Her attentions.
What do you say?
Are you strong enough?

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