To Hekate Trimorphis

by Lykeia

Hekate I sing of thee, night crowned Trimorphis at the gate,
Night loving, night dwelling, triple crowned are you.
O thunderous-eyed goddess, red-hooded, red-veiled,
Black is your gown in the underground, you a vein of light,
Black gowned of the deepest sea, black of the darkest night.
Phosphoros, a heavenly queen, girt in your immortal shine,
A torch burning so bright, in the nocturnal grasp of night.
The stars yield to your yew in their heavenly course,
Mapping out the seasons for the farmer’s seed and knife,
Good guide of weather-worn sailors on their oceanic route.
And on your star girded throne you draw the temptress night,
Hiding well the lover’s embrace hand-maiden of Aphrodite.
To the light the oceans and river sing, moist-limbed Hekate,
They rush and draw about you as a lover would caress,
A stir of life resounds within it’s waves and watery breast.
The fish of the sea, and the aquatic beasts, do increase,
Within the net, or revoked, proud fisherman’s blessed gain.
You walk upon the water, kissing upon with your silver light,
And there upon the beach you lay, to Khrysorrhapis’ delight.
Companion of Oiopolos, to the fruitful beasts of men you attend,
Khthonie you arise among the flocks, young arrive to your embrace,
Sweet lullaby of life over the fields, earth’s tender loving song.
And the caverns shake and open wide before your descending path,
Within your domain lays the riches and wealth treasured by man,
But to your ghostly-armed embrace, rushes the long dead race,
The spirited deceased to you come, o divine bright-coiffed Aidonaia.

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