The blessings of Herakles (Hercules) are strength, discipline, and courage. When it seems like there’s no way to get through an obstacle, Herakles appears and helps us to dig deep and find what it takes to overcome it. If one is stubborn enough, they can accomplish anything. Herakles, the mortal who became a God, is proof enough of that.

Alexikakos (Averter of Evil), Alkaios (original name), Custos (Guardian), Hegemonios (Leader of the March), Heros Theos (Hero God), Invictus (Unconquered), Kallinikos (Glorious Conquerer), Kyrios (Lord), Melqart (King of the City), Musagates (Leader of the Muses), Saxanus (of the Rocks), Soter (Savior), Victor (Victorius)

lion’s head cloak, club, lion, snake, frankincense

Apokaluptia (12 Dios)
4th day of the month

Ways to honor:
  Keep fit. Take up a sport, especially boxing, wrestling, running, or the discus. Don’t give up, no matter how hard things appear. Enjoy life. Drink, eat, and have lots of sex. Herakles is a God of titanic appetites, and he appreciates watching others take their pleasure – but don’t try to outdo him. Only Dionysos has been able to drink Herakles under the table!

Herakleopolite Nome
Herakleopolis Magna (Henen-nesut)

Ancient hymns and poetry
Homeric Hymn to Herakles
Orphic hymn to Herakles

Ancient texts
Letter from an administrator to the altar of Herakles and the Nemeses
Zeus-Ammon visits Herakles in disguise
Dispute over whther Herakles is Greek or Egyptian
Egyptians try to sacrifice Herakles
Letter from a priest of Herakles the Great God
Egyptian Herakles invented the alphabet
Ptolemy descended from Herakles
Herakles dwells in the sun
Herakles born in Egypt
Demigod Herakles becomes a god
Herakles of many names
Some believe Serapis, Typhon to be sons of Herakles

Modern hymns and poetry
To Herakles
 by J. L. Robbins
Herakles’ Song for Hylas by Phillupus
Iphicles, On His Brother’s Return by Rebecca Buchanan

Modern devotional textsforthcoming

What Herakles means to me by Astalon

Wikipedia entry for Hercules
Wikipedia entry for Heracles
Hercules in art
The Life and times of Hercules
Herakles online
Herakles project
Herakles vs Hercules
The Temple of Hercules in the Bahariya Oasis
African Hercules

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