Homeric Hymn 29 to Hestia (and Hermes)

“Hestia, in the high dwellings of all … you have gained an everlasting abode and highest honour: glorious is your portion and your right. For without you mortals hold no banquet … And you, Argeiphontes [Hermes], Son of Zeus and Maia, Angelos Makaron (messenger of the blessed gods), Khrysorrapis (bearer of the golden rod), Dotor Eaon (giver of good), be favourable and help us, you and Hestia, the worshipful and dear. Come and dwell in this glorious house in friendship together; for you two, well knowing the noble actions of men, aid on their wisdom and their strength. Hail, Daughter of Kronos, and you also, Hermes Khrysorrapis! Now I will remember you and another song also.”

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