Misc. Quotes

“These things being so, Sanchuniathon, who was a man of much learning and great curiosity, and desirous of knowing the earliest history of all nations from the creation of the world, searched out with great care the history of Taautus, knowing that of all men under the sun Taautus was the first who thought of the invention of letters, and began the writing of records: and he laid the foundation, as it were, of his history, by beginning with him, whom the Egyptians called Thoyth, and the Alexandrians Thoth, translated by the Greeks into Hermes.” – Philo Byblius, 31 d 8 – 42 b 2.

“Hermes the inventor of grammar and music.” – Plutarch, On Isis and Osiris 3b

“Accept, O Hermes, with the reed pens also the ink bottle by which eternity guards for those who will come the voice of those who have gone before.” – Greek Anthology 6.68.5-6 (Julian the Egyptian)

“Dead ibises are taken away to the city of Hermes.” – Herodotus 2.67

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