To Hermes II

by Jeremy J. Bear aka “Ursus”

Ever a friend to man,
You lead me through trying travails.
The journey begins and ends with offerings to you,
O’ Son of Zeus and Maia.
When I have lost my way,
I call out to you for deliverance.
And always you answer in kind,
With a warm smile and a laughing wit.
Let there be libations to drench the soft earth
For the beneficent Herald of the Gods.
Let incense rise to the undaunted heavens
To salute the Giver of Good Things.
Take me home, my dear Hermes,
Always and Ever lead me home safely
From rugged paths and from foreboding climes.
And when my soul finds meet to surrender its last breath,
Take my hand and fly me to the Empyrean,
Where I may dwell with the blessed gods for Aions to come.
In gratitude, Hermes, accept this prayer.

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