To Hermes

by J.L. Robins

I sing to the fleet-footed Messenger of Olympus,

Divine son of Thundering Zeus and lovely Maia.
Eloquent of speech, your swift tongue and musical gift

softened the heart of your shining brother

and allowed your theft to go unpunished—

gifted with a herd of your own.

Bearing the kerykeion as the Herald of the Gods

you have given my words life

the ability to communicate and interact with all.

Guide of the dead, leading souls

to Persephone’s shadowy Realm.

Yet you are joyous, frolicking in the mountains

amongst the nymphs and satyroi

bringing laughter and leading the games of the wild.

Guide to more than the dead

the waylaid traveler seeks your crossroads

for respite and sustenance, 

following you in your never-ending journeys.

I thank you for your protection in my own journeys—

near, far and within.

Divine guide, luck-bringer and communicator

I pray for your continued blessings 

and offer my thanks and praise 

in all my life.

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