Persephone (I)

Melia Suez

Daughter of Zeus, the source of all life,
Demeter’s only daughter, Hades’ honored wife
Come infernal queen and accept my offering
For much honor I give to you and your king.
Half the year under the earth you dwell
Giving warmth and greenery their death knell
Your return causes the land to bloom in delight
To mortals you are a most welcomed sight
Returned to your marriage bed at harvest end
To hopeful mortals, you nourish and rend.
Holy one, Knowing One, Exacter of Justice
Mother of the Furies and of doomed Zagreus
Playmate of the nymphs, beloved and bright
Almighty, horned, of bounteous might
Oh Blesse’d Goddess fill my belly with fruit,
My life with good health, my pocket with loot.
When it is time to meet you down below
I hope it will be to the Elysium Fields I go
There to find rest, friends and family,
To hail and honor Hades and Persephone

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