The Ascent

Melia Suez

Bless the Earth with growth
for your daughter’s ascent begins!
Oh Holy Demeter, Mother of the land,
The Dance of Life continues.
From death comes life,
for Plouton releases the seeds
to be his Queen’s heralds,
to trumpet her return
in a blaze of color and scents.
But only your loving care
can give them their cue.
Hail Mother Demeter!


Zeus, Lord of Thunder,
You who pour the rain,
bless the Earth
With neither too little
nor too much.
Wash us clean so that
we too can celebrate
your daughter’s return.
Hail Father Zeus!


Queen of the Underworld,
You brought light
to the realms of the dead
Gave joy to its King
and all that dwell there.
But the wheel has turned,
The Dance of Life continues.
Please kind and gracious Lady,
Do not tarry with your love.
It is only because of your promise
To return to the land above
That your mother relents
And allows greenery again.
Your return brings balance,
Warmth and flowers
To the world above.
Hail Persephone!

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