The Pale Queen

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

The pale queen sits
upon her throne
Raven-black hair
in the sunlight shone
– There’s no sunlight here

A beautiful carefree child
Playing in the grass
Picking flowers, singing songs
But summer never lasts
– There’s no flowers here

Her mother’s daughter, always
No identity of her own
An image of perfect domestic harmony
To whom only beauty was shown
– There’s no mother here

Her mother all her suitors scorned
Kept her under lock and key
But sweet and innocent Kore
Longed to be Persephone
– There’s no locks here

The story told wasn’t entirely true
It was, after all, her mother the poets knew
A mother just a little too attached
A mother who kept her daughter free from strife
– Free from life

She had a restless spirit, she
An eternal child she was not content to be
She descended, joining Aidoneus, her dark king
In the deep regions where there is no spring

She went willingly into the dark
She now lives below our feet
She rules as the dread Queen
Over shades who have no heat

Now listen well
And harken to my song
For every one of you will descend
To the House of Haides before long

When you reach those fields of asphodel
And walk into the hall
Smile, and hail Persephone Queen
Whose yearly descent brings us fall

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