Blessing: Ma’at shows us a proper and harmonious way to live; by following her precepts we avoid conflicts, hardship, and foolishness. She also grants immortality to the just.

Epithets: Daughter of Ra

Equated with: Logos, Dike, Harmonia, Tao

Associations: feather, scales, rod

Festival of Ma’at and Dike (20 Athyr)

Ways to honor: Uphold Ma’at, which means truth, justice, right order, cosmic harmony, and pious interactions with the gods. Behaviors not in accordance with this philosophical and religious ideal should be vehemently shunned as Isfet. Meaning, do nothing you know to be offensive to the gods. Avoid actively harming others or yourself. Do not disrupt the order of the community unless that order is based on harmful principles. Make your words truthful: do not speak something you know to be false, and when you have given your word that you will do something do all in your power to make sure that it comes to pass. Do not be content in offering anything that is short of your best. Always hold true to your highest ideals.

Ancient Texts:

Forty-Two Declarations of Innocence Before Ma’at

The Declaration to the Forty-Two Gods

Modern Texts:

Ma’at Acrostic by Melia Suez

To Ma’at by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

To Ma’at by Melia Suez

Two Haikus for Ma’at by Rebecca Buchanan

Rituals and Festivals: Forthcoming

Articles: Forthcoming


Ma’at on Henadology

Ma’at: Goddess of Truth, Balance, Order… by Caroline Seawright

Wikipedia article on Ma’at

Egyptian law

Ma’at The Neteret and the Concept

TourEgypt: Ma’at

The Coming Into Day Chapter 125: The Judgement of the Dead

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