To Ma’at (II)

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hail Ma’at, the Good Goddess!

Protectess of peace, truth, harmony

With Your feather of truth

You weigh the hearts of men

You name means balance, truth, order

Against the forces of chaotic Isfet You fight

Good energy is Your creed

You are the force of Order in the Kosmos

You are the Tao that flows within us all.

May I be balanced on Your scales

And my heart shown as light as Your feather

Unburdened by guilt and shame.

May I always do good.

May I always be a peacemaker.

May I speak only truth.

May I always be in harmony with my surroundings.

May I always worship You,

May I always be of You,

May I do only Ma’at.



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