Blessing: Poseidon is one of the oldest and strongest of the Gods, whose kingdom is the sea. Sailors, fisherfolk, and all who work on or around the sea are his. He values strength and courage, but is not above taking even the most beloved sailor down to the briny depths. He is a chaotic God, completely unpredictable. He is also connected to horses, which form he frequently takes to mate with mortals and Goddesses alike.

Epithets: Aspheleios (Steadfast), Basileus (King), Ennosigaios (Earth-Shaker), Gaieokhos (Earth-Holder), Hippios (of Horses), Pater (Father), Petraios (of the Rock), Phutalmios (Nourishing), Soter (Savior), Taureos (Bull-like)

Associations: trident, crown, conch shell, horse, bull, dolphin, all marine life, coral, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, cedar, onycha, amergris, myrrh, bisquits, salt, tuna, or the first catch of the season

Pharia (8 Audçnaios)
Theoxenia Aethiopia (8 Gorpiaios)

Ways to honor: Visit a beach. Ride horses. Go out on boats. Support fishermen and sailors. Fight pollution of our seas and beaches. Work to preserve the seas and the species that inhabit those waters. Study oceanography. Learn a water sport, such as diving or snorkling or boating.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from Geographica by Strabo

Excerpt from On Animals by Aelian

Excerpts from The Odyssey by Homer

Homeric Hymn XXII (To Poseidon)

Hymn of Arion from On Animals by Aelian

Isthmian Ode IV by Pindar

Olympian Ode VI by Pindar

Orphic Hymn XVII (To Poseidon)

Modern Texts:

A Reminder of Offering to the Sea by Michael Lux

Hymn to Poseidon III by Rebecca Buchanan

Neptune by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Neptune Acrostic by Amicus

Poseidon by Todd Jackson

Poseidon Acrostic by Melia Suez

Poseidon Hymn to Jolene Dawe

To Poseidon by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

To Poseidon by Lykeia

Rituals and Festivals: Forthcoming

Articles: Forthcoming


Theoi.com article on Poseidon

Poseidon and Antinous on Aedicula Antinoi

Poseidon Beyond the Sea Part One on lemon_cupcake

Poseidon Beyond the Sea Part Two on lemon_cupcake

Ancient texts and images of Poseidon

Wikipedia article on Poseidon


Carlos Parada’s article on Poseidon


Who’s Who article on Poseidon

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