Excerpts from The Odyssey


Howbeit Poseidon had now departed for the distant Ethiopians, the Ethiopians that are sundered in twain, the uttermost of men, abiding some where Hyperion sinks and some where he rises. There he looked to receive his hecatomb of bulls and rams, there he made merry sitting at the feast, but the other gods were gathered in the halls of Olympian Zeus. — 1.22

Zeus who gathers the clouds said, Earthshaker of the wide strength,
the gods do not hold you in dishonor. it would be a hard thing
if we were to put any slight on the eldest and best among us.
but if there is any man who, giving way to the violence
and force in him, slights you, it will be yours to punish him.
now and always. do as you will and as it pleases you. — 13.139-45



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