A Poem to Set

Joan Lansberry

I leave the gnarled streets,
I wander alone until I come to
sparse sands and spiky trees
and come to find you in the desert,
far away from the buzzing crowds in the cities,
and behold your majesty.

Thundering loudly on the hilltop,
you proudly shout, declaring
your existence.

Did they cast you out,
or did you favor these baked lands?
You reign still and as I look further
I find a sweet oasis and kind shade from the sun,
as I seek audience with you.

You gaze upon me
with eyes both fierce and gentle,
and a hint of a smile.

Power is your domain,
your pulse, your joy of being,
not random, uncontrolled, but held within.

There is a look in your eyes of recognition
as you hand me a scepter
bearing your likeness.
I take it and feel tingling power.

From my hand, I then feel changes
that permeate my entire being.
You strengthen my spine.
and give volume to my voice.
Diaphragm grows muscle
and I can throw my words far.

You smile with pride
as you look upon me,
and lock eyes with me,
bid me know that pride,
joy of my coming into being.

What secrets you teach me,
I may not speak of,
but oh, the dance is lovely,
as we whirl around.
Such fierce rejoicing on this exultant night,
and triumph!

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