Papyrus and Stela Fragments

Hail to you, O Seth, son of Nut, the great of strength in the barque of millions, felling the enemy, the snake, at the prow of the barque of Re, great of battle-cry, may you give me a good lifetime . . . — Four Hundred Years Stela

O Seth, lord of life, who is upon the prow of the barque of Re, save me from all evil clamour of this year. — Papyrus Leiden I 346 II, 12

A royal offering to Seth of Ombos, the son of Nut, the mighty one on the prow of the ship and to all the gods in Ombos. — Urk. IV, 1437, 8

When Set saw Isis there, he transformed himself into a bull to be able to pursue her, but she made herself unrecognizable by taking the form of a bitch with a knife on her tail. Then she began to run away from him and Set was unable to catch up with her. Then he ejaculated on the ground, and she said, ‘It’s disgusting to have ejaculated, you bull!’ But his sperm grew in the desert and became the plants called bedded-kau. — Jumilhac Papyrus

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