Current Titles

Bibliotheca Alexandrina has published titles in a variety of genres and formats. Check out the Devotionals; Fiction Anthologies; Philosophy, Praxis, and Theology; and Poetry collections.  Our hope is to release one new title every few months, so check back regularly!


Fiction Anthologies

Philosophy, Praxis, and Theology


Questions? Comments? Interested in carrying our titles in your bookstore or library? If so, please email the Editor-in-Chief at

9 Responses to Current Titles

  1. Natasha Handy says:

    wow some very interesting titles there , hope to get some of them in the near future

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  3. Alder Knight says:

    Do you ever release your publications as e-books? I am moving inter-continentally and cannot feasibly bring books with me, but would love to be able to read several of these on my e-reader.

    • Aj / Melia says:

      Sorry, this got trapped in the spam folder. All our newer books will be in e-book format and some of our older ones. I’ll ask the Editor-in-Charge about updating this page with e-book information. Thanks!

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