To Asklepios

Erynn Rowan Laurie

I sing of the Healer

Child of Coronis

Lord of the Serpents

Bright Ophiuchus


Muses make music

Songs for my singing

Freeing my tongue

In Asklepios’ name


Pour out your blessings

Brew precious philters

Bright blood of Gorgon

Saving from death


Darken your temple O bringer of dreams

Snuff out our candles

Visit our sleep mats

Breathe in our incense

Dance in the chambers of our hearts


Health is in your body

Life is in your fingers

Breath is in your passing

Even the hem of your robe is healing


You emanate serpents

Rough and reptilian

Glycon you fathered

And serpents of wisdom

The art of elixirs you give


Praise to the dreamer

And bringer of visions

Measure of wholeness

The fruit of your lips


Each word you utter

A great incantation

Holy physician

My song is for you



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