The Insomniac’s Prayer

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hermes Hypnos, God of Sleep
I pray you close my eyes tonight
My mortal bones are wearied from the day’s work
And Helios sleeps in His golden bed
Nyx has spread Her blanket of stars upon the world
And Selene smiles down on mankind
All the world slumbers, yet I am awake!
Muses, taunt me no more!
Your slave will be ready and willing once more, come morning’s light
For now, let the chatter of my mind cease
Let my eyelids grow heavy
And rest overtake my body
Sweet renewing sleep
Which takes away pain and opens the mind to the world of dreams,
I entreat you to come to me.
Relieve me of care
And open the door
To Morpheous’s embrace.

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