To Apollon God of Light


Apollon lend me the aid of your Muse, so that I may best sing of you.
I sing of the beloved child of Leto, whose youthful face shone bright in radiance.
Lykaeos you chase away the darkness, a ravenous wolf,
For fearsome darkness shelters the unknown and hides the world within its mantle.
I sing first of your divine light that illuminates all, emanating from your brow.
All things are penetrated with your all-seeing eyes that look near and afar,
And the night predator flees before you, for your light spoils the hunt.
Phoibos you are the shaper of realities, for your light reveals the world to our eyes.
In your palm you carry truth, a friend of honest men and women
For deceit and illusion can not hide within your emanation.
Friendly is your light that kisses upon those that dwell on the earth,
Light feeds life with its vital rays, the leaves drink it in and the blossoms track its path,
And feeds the fertile minds of humanity, that which yearns for knowledge and discovery.
Knowledge strips away ignorance, and superstition yields to logic.
We step out of darkness and enter another world.
Radiant Apollon, crowned and armed in gold, you track across the heavens
And birds lift their voices to you, for your light expands the sky.
I sing of you, and pray that you continue to bless us with your light
Dispelling the dark night throughout the ages



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