To the Shaker

Miguel Oliveira

To Hermes, who shakes my world apart.

It is quiet and calm, it is peaceful and still.

The muffled sounds gently touch my ear

And in slow motion the world goes by; 

Time is no longer a rampant river 

Ever flowing away to distant void.

I smile, but all is stagnant like a swamp:

I no longer have something to set my eyes on,

No longer a river to flow with, or fight against,

No longer music can sound clear and loud.

And it is still and peaceful…

And it is calm and quiet…

I do not cry, I do not try…

But the world shakes; all is upturned: 

The rocks that blocked the flow,

The walls we built to stop the running waters,

All of them fall at the touch of you hand. 

And the river streams again,

Again we have a horizon of chance

A multitude of maybes, hopes and fears.

Again we have life!

Great is your ever flowing power!

You who never sit still and inert,

You who despise all that is static,

Give us something to strive for, 

A world of future and growth!

I thank you, Hermes,

Great messenger and guide,

For all the blessings so clear in my life,

And for all the unseen gifts you bestow! 

May this prayer please you

And may we meet again soon 

In blissful celebration of you divine being!

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