A Prayer for Memorial Day

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Lady Libertas, Who holds Her torch high

Watch over Your children today

On this solemn day we remember all our veterans

But especially those who didn’t make it home

Keep Your flame burning, Goddess

So that their deaths will have meaning.


Zeus, King of All, Your sacred eagle

Precedes You to America.

Watch over all who march under the stars and stripes

And let no more American blood be shed


Ares, patron of warriors,

Who defends civilization

I honor You today as well.

Watch over all our men and women in uniform.


Athena Soteria, temper Ares’s anger

And turn His brute force on the enemy.

Virgin daughter of Zeus, Savior in battle

Remember those who have fallen.


To all the soldiers who died for freedom

To preserve American liberty

Your sacrifices, dear ones, are not forgotten

I offer you bread and malt beer

Sustenance for the next life.

May you always be remembered.


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