To Hermes Psychopompos

by Lykeia

Limphid-eyed Muses sing now of the dark-hooded guide,
Sing of the escort of the mourned and beloved dead.
Join me in my song to honor Pyschopompos,
Heavenly son of Zeus, wanderer above and below.
There on his hill he lifts his wand, and stands the evening star,
Harken to him the vast company of dead to follow in his tread.
There, the sons of Nyx, Hypnos and Thanotos on their nightly rounds!
Hail to you Hermes, divine leader of the souls into the hidden realm,
Welcoming into earth’s embrace, leading the descending to Hade’s domain.
You drive forth the spirits, as you drove forth the cattle before you,
A mantle earned from your escort of Persephone from below.
Thereafter a guide, thereafter between the worlds, your path is well marked,
Kerberos bows before you, a pup at your hand, as through the darkness you lead.
The route is clear and well traveled, pass the spanning Okeanos twining stream,
Through the chambers of dreams, and the many habitations and sacred gates,
There you lead, and lead well our dead safely in your care!
Here we pray, our message to be sent to beloved and honored dead,
Carry it away from our lips to that the world far beyond where Hades dwells.
Whisper our words into the phantom ear, that they receive our love,
We shall ever remember you and heap the offering bowl high on your holy day.
Most Honored Psychopompos, receives these offerings we set forth,
And hear our prayers of adoration unto you, who walks the trails of the dead.

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