Blessing: Anubis is the ancient and powerful Egyptian Deity of the dead. He protected the
pieces of Osiris’ body while Isis collected them, so that He could eventually be resurrected. He oversees mummification and so is associated with immortality. He guides the soul of the deceased to the afterlife. He is a liminal God, Who walks
on the periphary, Who knows the shadows. He knows every person’s destiny, and so He is associated with magic, divination and spirit-work. In some myths He was abandoned as a baby by His mother, thus making Anubis the protector of orphans, the homeless, the poor, and all who are downtrodden.

Epithets: Chief of the Divine Pavilion; Chief of the Holy Dwelling; Chief of the Necropolis; Chief of the Western Highland; Counter of Hearts; Khenti-Amentiu (Foremost of Westerners); He Who is before the Divine Booth; He Who Is in the Mummy Wrappings; He Who Is over the Southern Palace; Tepy-dju-ef/Tep-tu-f (He Who Is upon His Mountain); He Who Protects the Southern Place; Lord of the Sacred Land; Opener of Roads; Opener of Ways; Prince of the Court of Justice; Prince of the Divine Court; Undertaker; Weigher of Righteousness; He Who Counts the Hearts; Am Ut (Dweller in the Chamber of Embalmment); Khent Sehet (Governor of the Hall of the God); Jackal Ruler of the Bows; Imy-ut (He Who is in the Place of Embalming); Nub-ta-djser (Lord of the Sacred Land), Sekhem Em Pet;

Alternate forms of his name: Anoubis, Yinepu, Anpu, Anupu, Anbu, Wip, Ienpw, Inepu, Imeut, Inpu, Inpw; Hermanubis

Equated with: Wepwawet, Hermes, Kerberos

Associations: Jackals; dogs; the imiut fetish; Sirius; Cerberus; cloves; myrrh; strongly scented incenses and oils (eg., cedar, cypress, myrrh); embalming equipment; flail; flags; possibly the number 9 (he defeated the “Nine Bows [enemies] of Egypt”); black tourmaline; hematite; howlite; obsidians; onyx; selenite; sodalite; tiger iron; cornflower blue; cobalt blue; black; gold; green

Festival of Anubis going forth to visit every Necropolis (7 Mesore)
Adoration of Anubis Festival (10 Pakhons)
Festival of Anubis and Wepwawet who protect the dead (23 Epiphi)
Kunègia (6 Xanthikos)
Festival of the Valley (7 Payni)

Ways to honor: Forthcoming

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from The Book of Going Forth By Day

Excerpts from De Iside et Osiride by Plutarch

Excerpts from The London-Leyden Papyri

The Papyrus of Nu

Two Magical Fragments

Modern Texts:

For Anubis by Alaanja

Guardian, Challenger, Guide by Makhised

Hymn to Anpu by Satiah

No Star for Anubis by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Vow to Wepwawet-Yinepu by Makhised

Articles: Forthcoming

Rituals and Festivals:

Daily Ritual to Anubis by Akhetnu


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  1. Asterope says:

    Here’s a great Anubis website! — has info, epithets, etc.
    Per-Sabu: House of the Jackals

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