Blessing: Ptah is the creator of souls, the artchitect of the universe, and the patron of craftsmen – he is a great god to call on for creative endeavors, to lend strength and fruitfulness to one’s efforts, and to watch over pregnant women and children

EpithetsWr khrp hmw (Great Leader of Craftsmen), Ptah-Neb-Ankh (Ptah, Lord of Life)

Alterante forms of his name: Phtha, Peteh

Equated With: Sokar, Apis, Osiris, Hephaistos

Associations: skull cap, djed, was, ankh, bull, architect’s transit, level, plumb-line, bricks

Khalkeia (last day Dios)
Khoiak Festival (18 Choiak)
Feast of Ptah Protecting the Winged Solar Disk (22 Mecheir)

Ways to honor: Build something with your hands. Deal honorably with those who do build with their hands. Nurture your own skills.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpts from The Book of Going Forth By Day

Excerpts from The Papyrus Harris

Excerpt from The Shabaka Stone

A Note on Memphite Theology

Modern Texts:

theogony by Rebecca Buchanan

To Ptah by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Festivals and Rituals: Forthcoming


Meditation on Ptah by Amanda Aremisia Forrester


Wikipedia entry on Ptah

Ptah, God of Craftsmen, Rebirth and Creation by Caroline Seawright

Crystalinks article on Ptah

EgyptianMyths article on Ptah

Triad of Memphis

Ptah of MenNefer; A Creation Myth

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