To the Muses

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

O Daughters of Mnemosyne,
ladies three or nine,
to whom shall I offer my praises,
at whose feet shall I beg for inspiration?
A threefold libation, therefore, I pour out to you
to assist me in my work today, if it is your desire to grant me grace:

To your ancestors Gaia and Ouranos I give thanks;
To your mother Mnemosyne I chant praises;
To you, O heavenly movers, O earthly inspirers, I make this toast.

[Earthly Muses]
Melete, I call you and sing of your blessings,
may the crafts of practice be bestowed by you
on those who are deserving, if I am among them.

I recall the name of Mneme, she who does not forget,
as I remember you may I be remembered, as you recall
all things may I recall my arts, and remember thanks always.

The voice of Aoide, she who sings, sounds out–
with your favor, may I hear that voice clearly,
and may my voice not strain to sing as sweetly.

Nete Cephisso, guide me through the depths,
Hypate Borysthenis, lead me through the heights,
Meses Apollonis, true daughter of Delphi, be my mediator.

[Heavenly Muses]
Kleio, the historian of the heavens,
may the past not be hidden from me,
nor my telling of its wonders obscure to others.
Euterpe, most skillful musician,
I will repay your gifts in praise and sacrifice
if I might hear your fluid strains.
She of the comedic mood, Thaleia,
may good timing and verbal skill
bestow your laughter upon all…or not.

The tragic tales abound from Melpomene–
may these warnings and praises
be an example for all humans.

Play your notes, Terpsichore,
and may I be as your plucked string
vibrating in harmony with those around me.

Erato, may you skillfully guide my steps
and bend my body in the flow of your dance
as I move in unseen love-figures with others.

It is Polyhymnia who knows
a story for every occasion —
as I hear them, may I tell them!

Ourania, who knows the tracks of stars
and who teaches the arts of understanding them —
may the light of stars shine on me if you will.

Kalliope, the heroic verse-singer,
though I am no hero, may the deeds
of true heroes resound in my songs!

As I practice my arts, may you guide my hands and tongue;
As I seek inspiration, may you open my ears and focus my eyes;
As I am enlightened, may you enlighten others through me–
For every worthy work of art is your work,
Every inspire creation is your child,
Every drop of wisdom is your poured drink.

May you be praised by my words and my works,
and may you look kindly on my offerings.
All thanks to you, O heavenly maids, O earthly ladies!


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