Herakles of many names

“Herakles star-adorned, king of fire, ruler of the universe, thou Sun, who with thy far-flung rays art the guardian of mortal life, with flashing beam revolving the wide circuit of thy course… Belus thou art named on the Euphrates, Ammon in Libya, Apis of the Nile art thou by birth, Arabian Kronos, Assyrian Zeus… but whether thou art Sarapis, or the cloudless Zeus of Egpyt, or Kronos, or Phaethon, or many titled Mithras, Sun of Babylon, or in Greece Apollo of Delphi, or Wedlock, whom Love begat in the shadowy land of dreams… whether thou art known as Paieon, the healer of pain, or Aether with its varied garb, or star-bespangled Night – for the starry robes of night illuminate the heaven – lend a propitious ear to my prayer.” – Nonnos of Panopolis, Dionysiaca 36.345-7

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