A Song for Antinous

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

I sing of comely Antinous

Lover of wise Hadrian

Youth’s very flower

Virile and brave,

Yet sweet and gentle.

How sad the day You drowned

In the lifeblood of Aiegyptos, murky Neilos

But oh, what wonder, what sweet rejoicing

To hear of Your ascension

To the Immortal Halls of Olympos

To sit beside great Jupiter Himself

Raised on high, a blazing star

Beauty Unperishing,

Unconquered, even by Death!

O sweet liberator of men’s hearts

I greet You with awe in my breast

I offer You this milk and honey

Meager gifts, but all I have to give

Accept them, I pray

And I will continue to sing Your praises.



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