Hermes Propylaios

Hermes Propylaios
by Phillupus

watching them going crossing
over and back out again
i stand silent witness
guardian and support
lintel of every doorway

“one who is not an initiate”
outside of the mysteries
because for me there is no
beginning or introduction
or going in and seeing

no phallus on this herm
as sign of protection
priapic apotropaic
for it is a root a seed
a start but i have none

“know thyself” i say
advising by word and form
for those who know how
to interpret these things
for this is what i am

the interpreter mediator
translator metaphor
the most basic medium
of thought mind word
symbol sign sense

there is no me apart from
these things nor is there
a you outside or inside
of these things identity
is but a whisper on wind

of moving vibratory particles
in a vast space empty
only known because it moves
carrying point to point
the message of movement

a dance only seen
from a distance that sees
what sign symbol sense
can create what means
meaning again is
“a way or manner by which events happen”
thus not a thing
with independent essence
but again a dance
a way of moving

and what am i but
the movement the moment
static or dynamic
the particle the pattern
the ripples outward

from first forms of chaos
so all coming and going
is me and even you
have been in the chain
of being since before being

and knowing yourself
consists in nothing more
than seeing the moment
but not mistaking it
for the spaces in between

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