Blessing: Abrasax is powerful creative deity who represents the totality of time and existence. He is a helper in magical enterprises, a savior God, a warrior, the solar force that drives existence, one that we can pray to to bring our goals to completion.

Epithets: Aion (time, age); Soter (savior); Protector; ABRASICHO’OU

Equated with: Iao Sabaoth, Aion, Mithras, Helios, Kronos

Associations: horse, rooster, egg, chariot, goad, shield, scourge, 365

Ways to honor: forthcoming

Ancient Texts:

Magical Spells Invoking Abrasax
“Give me your strength, io Abras[ax], give me your strength, for I am Abrasax” – PGM

“I Abrasax, shall deliver. Abrasax am I. ABRASAX ABRASICHO’OU” – PGM LXXXIX 1-27

“Thôsouderkyô vinyard oumixonthei, divert from this property all hail and all snow, and whatever might injure the land. The god, Oamoutha, orders it, and you Abrasax, assist! Iaê Iaô. (Julius Pervincus)” – 2nd century c.e. bronze lamellae from near Avignon and near Mondragon France

Tertullian on Abraxas
“Afterwards broke out the heretic Basilides. He affirms that there is a supreme Deity, by name Abraxas, by whom was created Mind, which in Greek he calls Nous; that thence sprang the Word; that of Him issued Providence, Virtue, and Wisdom; that out of these subsequently were made Principalities, powers, and Angels; that there ensued infinite issues and processions of angels; that by these angels 365 heavens were formed, and the world, in honour of Abraxas, whose name, if computed, has in itself this number. Now, among the last of the angels, those who made this world, he places the God of the Jews latest, that is, the God of the Law and of the Prophets, whom he denies to be a God, but affirms to be an angel.”

Modern Texts:

Abrasax by Erynn Rowan Laurie

Abraxas by P Sufenas Virius Lupus




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  1. Can you also include the following, Rebecca?

    “When Clarian Apollo was asked which of the gods should be regarded as the god Iao, he replied: ‘the unsearchable secrets should be hidden by those who have learned the mysteries.’ However, for those with limited understanding and feeble minds, think about this: Iao is the supreme god over all the gods. In winter, Hades; at the start of spring, Zeus; in the summer, Helios; and in the Autumn, splendid Iao.” (Macrobius, Saturnalia i.18.19-20)

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