Blessing: Aphrodite gives to her worshippers the blessings of joy, passion, freedom, whimsy, and appreciation of beauty in all of its forms. She presides over all types of love – from the primal stirring of the loins to the noblest kind of patriotism and love of the gods. The bonds of friendship and family and lovers are especially sacred to her. She brings together instead of tears apart, creates as opposed to destroys.

Epithets: Aligena (Sea Born), Ambologera (She Who Postpones Old Age), Anaduomene (Rising from the Sea), Androphonos (Killer of Men), Anosia (Unholy), Apostrophia (She Who Turns Herself Away), Areia (of Ares), Basilis (Queen), Eleemon (Merciful), Enoplios (Bearing Weapons), Epipontia (On the Sea), Epitragidia (She Upon the Buck), Epitumbidia (She Upon the Graves), Euplois (Fair Sailing), Genetullis (Genetrix), Heteira (Courtesan), Kallipugos (of the Beautiful Buttocks), Kallisti (the Fairest), Khruse (Golden), Kupris (Cyprian), Kuprogenes (Cyprus-born), Kuthereia (Kytherean), Melainis (Black), Morpho (Shapely), Ourania (Heavenly), Pandemos (of All People), Pasiphaessa (the Far-Shining), Pelagia (of the Sea), Philomeides (Laughter-Loving), Porne (Fleshy; Prostitute), Skotia (Dark), Summakhia (Ally in War), Tumborukhos (Gravedigger)

Equated with: Hathor, Isis, Nephthys, Ariadne, Persephone, Venus, Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Arsinoe, Berenike.

Associations: seashell, roses, mirror, dove, swan, sparrow, lynx, copper, emerald, turquoise, rose, myrtle, clover, benzoin, sandalwood, apple

Adonia (9-10 Lôios)
Aphrodisia (4 Lôios)
Arsinoeia (6 Lôios)
Berenikeia (5 Dios)
Naukrateia (13 Pançmos)

Ways to honor: The best way to honor Aphrodite is to love. If you are in a relationship, remember why you originally fell in love with that person. Then show them: seduce them all over again! If you’re not, find someone to love. Or help other people to do so. Become a match-maker. Be flirtatious. Make your surroundings beautiful with perfumes, flowers, elegant fabrics, and exotic foods. Learn new sexual techniques. Write erotic stories or poetry, or take naughty pictures of yourself or a loved one. Support sex-workers. Promote safer sex practices.

Ancient Texts:

Hymn to Aphrodite by Sappho

Idyll XV by Theocritos

Orphic Hymn LV

Modern Texts:

Aphrodite Acrostic by Reverend Allyson Szabo

Aphrodite’s Gifts by Melia Suez

As the Doves and Sparrows Command by Miguel Oliveira

Awaiting Long Beach by Todd Jackson

Dear Aphrodite by Lorele Jade Phoenix

Epiphany by Zoë Melissa

Hymn to Aphrodite (II) by Lykeia

Hymn to Aphrodite Morpho by Lykeia

The Ocean (Song for Aphrodite) by Erik Dutton

To Aphrodite Summakhia by Ariana Dawnhawk

Venus Felix by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Rituals and Festivals: Forthcoming


The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality by Jeremy J Baer


Venus: A Biography [reviewed by Jeremy J Baer]


Wikipedia entry on Aphrodite

Theoi.com entry on Aphrodite

Aphrodite by Carlos Parada

EncyclopediaMythica entry on Aphrodite

Aphrodite’s Apples

UNRV History: Venus

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