Noumenia Hymn


Noumenios rises with the newborn month, tracking the passage of time

Bearing in hand his silver bow, like the cresent in the sky pale lit.

Selene rises from the waves, water trailing from her silver locks,

See how her silver cresent rise, the winged drawn cart into the heavenly arch.

Hail Noumenios above, your light turns the succession of days,

And before you the moon withers and fills, marked upon Selene’s pearly breast.

Apollon of the unshorn locks, you rise anew and kindle your flame in your golden house,

Rise into the heavens dripping dew, newly born rising into the flush of man.

Hail bright crowned Selene, rekindling your own flame, shining with borrowed light,

High we see the bull’s horns that curve upon your fair tressed head so bright.

White-armed goddess, we greet your pale form in splendor, lifting into heavens high,

Mother of time’s passage, the dancing daughters, months, and fair faced seasons.

Hail to you mother and father of the shining month, on this night newly begotten,

May she greet us who sing praises, in fair form and deliver forth a token blessing.

We greet and celebrate the new month, Selene’s laughing-eyed daughter,

Hail to you who brings time passage churning, and light the heavens renewing.


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