Hestia’s blessings are simple ones. She teaches the virtues of home and family life, the sweet rewards of labor, and the value of good food and good rest. Where there is anger, she cools it. Where there is strife, she ends it. The bonds of family and friendship are of foremost concern to her.

  Boulaia (of the Council), Prytaneia (of the Prytanis)

Equated with: 
Vesta, Anukis, Ma’at

  fire, the hearth, aromatic herbs; all libations

  Noumenia (1st of each lunar month)
sacrifices made at every meal

Ways to honor:
  Make your home as inviting and comfortable as possible. Show hospitality. Invite others into your home and share your food and comforts with them. Never let a chance go by without showing your family and friends how important they are to you. Pour libations to her at every meal. Keep a lamp, candle, or hearth fire burning in her honor.

Ancient hymns and poetry – forthcoming

Ancient textsforthcoming

Modern hymns and poetry

Poems for Hestia by Rebecca Buchanan
Morning and Evening Hymn to Hestia by Astalon
Opening Prayer to Hestia by Melia Brokaw
Acknowledgement of Vesta by Phillupus
Hymn to Hestia by Astalon
All begins with Hestia; all returns to Hestia by Astalon
Hestia by Melia Brokaw
Prytaneion by Rebecca Buchanan
Hestia acrostics by various authors

Modern devotional texts 

Meditation and Ritual for Hestia by Trista B. Cook


Wikipedia entry on Hestia
Theoi.com entry on Hestia
Shrine of Hestia
Wikipedia entry on Vesta

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