Blessing: Pan is a complex entity, found everywhere from rugged hillsides to the walls of Athens.  Although he is most often seen in a rural setting, he was not unknown in cities and on battlefields.  Primarily a god of the woodlands and the liminal places, he is most often concerned with issues such as hunting, music, dance and sex.  He is also a god of healing; his shrines offered supplicants healing dreams.

Epithets: Aigokerôs (goat-horned), Agrios (wild), Limenitês (protector of the harbor), Lutêrios (deliverer), Mainalios (of Mount Maenalus), Nomios (of the fields and flocks), Phorbas (terrifying)
Equated With: Dionysos, Seilenos, Faunus, Min, Osiris, Serapis

Associations: syrinx, goat, sheep, ram, milk, honey, must, goats, Indian hemp, orchis root, musk, civet, thistle

Kunegia (6 Xanthikos)
Festival of Mendesian Pan (2 Apellaios)
Festival of Pan of the Mountains (27 Pan¨¥mos)

Ways to honor: Dance, sing, spend time in the wild or in liminal – “in between” – places.  Enjoy eating, drinking and sex.  Be aware, however, that one of Pan’s attributes is the giving, the bestowing of madness.  Be careful what you wish for ….

See also Dancing God and The Goat Foot God from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpts from Bibliotheca Historica by Diodorus Siculus

Excerpt from Fabulae by Hyginus

Excerpts from Geographica by Strabo

Excerpt from The Histories by Herodotus

Greek Lyric V

Homeric Hymn XIX (To Pan)

Orphic Hymn XI (To Pan)

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Dancing God by Diotima Sophia

Hymn to Pan III by Rebecca Buchanan

Pan’s Mistake by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy …. by Diotima Sophia

To Goat-Footed Pan by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

To Pan by Samantha Frye

Festivals and Rituals: Forthcoming


The Origins of the Goat-Foot God by Diotima Sophia

Reports of My Death …. by Diotima Sophia


Wikipedia entry on Pan entry on Pan

Great god Pan

Pan in Banyas

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