Athena My Goddess

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Athena, Great Goddess

Athena, Daughter of Zeus

Athena, patroness of Athens

Athena, protectess of civilization

Athena, leader of the Virgins of Olympos

Athena owl-eyed

Athena, many-named

Athena the warrior

Athena the spear-wielder

Athena holds the line

Athena, the general

Athena who wins the war

Athena, the fearsome

Athena who bears the Aegis

Athena who brings our soldiers home

Athena, second only to Zeus

Athena the worker

Athena, the weaver

Athena of Artisans

Athena punisher of Arakhne

Athena friend of Hephaistos

Athena of potters and smiths

Athena, who reared Erichontios

Athena, Her Father’s Daughter

Athena, wisdom personified

Athena, inspirer of philosophers

Athena the teacher

Athena the eternal student

Athena the wise

Athena the healer

Athena Providence

Athena Victorious

Athena, pure in heart

Athena, virgin

Athena, inviolate

Athena the kind

Athena, my rescuer

My heart, my love,

My light, my soul

Athena — My Goddess



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