Agathe Tykhe

Blessing: Tyche is the giver of good fortune and the bringer of evil, a Goddess if whimsy, and an emblem of inescapable destiny. She teaches the paradoxical message that life is essentially a game of dice, determined by chance, and that nothing is ever set in stone. No matter how certain we are that something will happen, there’s always an element of chance to it, and the unexpected may turn out to be what happens. Instead of submission to Fate, Tyche encourages her followers to take things into their own hands, and make their own destiny. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t – it’s all up to chance.

Epithets: Agathe (the Good), Megale (Great), Soteira (Savior), Fortuna (Fortune)

Equated with: Fortuna, Isis, Demeter, Hermouthis, Hariti

Associations: Serpent, wheel, globe, cornucopia, turreted crown, coin

Festivals: Forthcoming

Ways to honor: Gamble. Play the odds. Never give up. Get involved with politics, the biggest crap shoot in the land.

Ancient Texts:

Greek Lyric V

Olympian Ode 12 by Pindar

Orphic Hymn 72

Three Hymns by Isidorus

Modern Texts:

Hymn to Agathe Tykhe by Rebecca Buchanan

To Tykhe-Fortuna by Amanda Aremisia Forrester


Essays and Rituals:

A Modern Greco-Buddhist Festival for Tykhe Hariti by Astalon

The Syncretism of Tykhe Hariti by Astalon

Links article on Tykhe

Tyche in myth and art

Wikipedia entry on Tyche

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