Blessing: Set challenges us. He encourages us to face our fears and obstacles, to kill stasis and comfortable limitation; to embrace the path of danger and true life. He is a powerful ally and protector to those who are bold and fearless.

Epithets: The Strong One, The Bull, Sutekh (the one of strong drink), The Enemy, The Slayer of Apep, Gateway of the Desert

Alternate Forms of His Name: Seth, Setekh, Setesh, Seti, Sutekh, Setech, Sutech

Equated With: Typhon, Ba’al, Zeus, Dionysos, Iao

Associations: red, was-scepter, ankh, bull, the set-animal, the ass, thunder, desert, storm, beer


Birthday of Seth (3rd Epagomenal Day)
Kunègia (6 Xanthikos)
Death of Osiris (17 Athyr)
Procession of Set (17 Pharmouthi)
Festival of the Reconciliation of Horus and Set (27 Thoth)
Day When Set Kills Apep (14 Mecheir)

Ways to honor: Live fearlessly. Become familiar with the dark, both within and without. Defend those who are weaker than you. Tear down your limitations and comfortable stasis. Challenge yourself to overcome all the obstacles set in your path.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from The Account of the Battle of Qedesh

Excerpt from Concerning Images by Porphyry

Excerpts from De Iside et Osiride by Plutarch

Papyrus and Stela Fragments

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Hail Set by Theokleia

Hymn to Set I by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Set II by Rebecca Buchanan

A Poem to Set by Joan Lansberry

Set’s Lament by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Set’s Power by Joan Lansberry

Rituals and Festivals:

October 16 Setian Festival by Joan Lansberry


The Two Powers Reconciled: Set and Horus by Joan Lansberry



A gallery of original Set images

Set, God of Storms, Slayer of Apep, Equal to and Rival of Horus

Wikipedia entry for Set

Temple of Set

Elbow room for the Other

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