Daughter of Zeus

Jason Ross Inczauskis

Ages have passed, since man learned your nature,
And first honored you in word and in deed.
Yet still you’re a goddess of unmatched stature,
Beloved to hero, and to those in need.

From the head of Zeus, you sprang with a cry,
And the heavens and earth trembled with pleasure.
For here was a goddess with fair-minded eye,
And power and wisdom beyond any measure.

And Zeus, in his glory, knew what you’d be,
So favored you right from the start,
And unto you gave his thunderbolts freely,
To strike at the very blackest of hearts.

Your owl eyes can see through the darkness of night.
From Pallas Athena, no secrets can hide.
You’ll not side with those who’ve not sought to do right,
But will show much affection to those who have tried.

To rulers and heroes, you’re the greatest of allies.
To gods and men, good counsel you’ve brought.
The courage and wisdom you so highly prize,
May sometimes be given, but never be bought.

In battle, yours is the sturdiest shield,
The deadliest weapon, your spear.
You will advise when it’s wisest to yield,
But will never back down in the cold grip of fear.

For honor and glory are tokens you give,
To those who have served you with faith.
And the deeds of those who act bravely shall live,
While the coward is naught but a wraith.

Known to mankind, throughout the ages
As guide, as goddess, protector and friend.
In sunlight and shadow we’ve sung your praises,
And still you remain, though our lives must end.

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