Ritual for the Muses

Rebecca Buchanan


* One group image of the Muses or individual images of each Muse
* A cloth to cover the image
* Incense
* 10 candles
* Wine
* A vessel with water from your local main water source (eg, for people in Chicago that would be Lake Michigan)

The Ritual:

Take up the vessel filled with water and sprinkle it around the sacred space.

You are washed clean by the waters of the Nile and the ____ . You are pure.

Light the incense and walk it around the sacred space.

May this scent be pleasing to you, Oh Muses. By your presence, the world is filled with joy, dance, song and poetry.

Light the candle.

The doors of heaven are thrown wide. Let this candle burn, reminding us of your warmth and light, of your gifts of art and imagination.

If there is a single group image of the Muses, unveil it now. Otherwise, unveil each image in sequence, reciting the invocation. Light one candle at a time and offer each Muse some wine.

Calliope, you inspire tales of heroism and nobility. We thank you for your gifts.

Clio, you record the lives and deeds of all mortals for eternity. We thank you for your gifts.

Erato, you inspire words of love and sensuality. We thank you for your gifts.

Euterpe, you inspire musicians to join the song of creation. We thank you for your gifts.

Melpomene, you inspire cautionary tales of pride, greed and tragedy. We thank you for your gifts.

Polyhymnia, you inspire sacred hymns in honor of the Gods and Goddesses. We thank you for your gifts.

Terpsichore, you inspire us to dance like the bear and the swan. We thank you for your gifts.

Thalia, you inspire tales of laughter and mirth. We thank you for your gifts.

Urania, you inspire the exploration and understanding of the heavens and the earth. We thank you for your gifts.

Offer any individual prayers or petitions.

Spend a few moments in silent contemplation and communion.

Cover the images again.

Oh Muses, your blessings are manifold. You fill our hearts with joy. You give comfort to all humankind.

Reverently extinguish the candle and exit the sacred space.


2 Responses to Ritual for the Muses

  1. Darail Aahil says:

    Just one question – how should one offer the wine exactly? Should I pour it into one glass or nine? What to do with it after, maybe pour it outside on the ground? And is it really a necessary thing to do, it seems kinda wasteful to me?

    • Oh, good question! If you have nine smallish glasses (or chalices, really fancy shot glasses; in other words *pretty*) that works. Otherwise, a single largish glass.

      How you dispose of the wine after depends on your circumstances. Some people pour the wine into the ground (backyard, park, or sacred site), while other people, who do not have ready access to an outdoor space, pour it down the drain. As long as the wine is disposed of respectfully, the means is up to you.

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