Abrasax (Poem)

Erynn Rowan Laurie

The first angel of my wrath cries out
with the tongue of a bird —
Bright spears of fire and stars rain down.

Golden Helios walks before me
crying out the dawn
singing my hymns
singing LAILAM with a voice of flame
burning on his lips.
He blinds my enemies with his voice.

I encompass all
my body the bright horizon
my body is radiance and the light of creation
my body the brilliance in the soul of all things.
The fire of my being purifies all evil.

I set the stars in their places
still in the night sky
holding the pin of heaven about which eternity revolves.
Even Horus must cry out in wonder at my power.

I am the number and the days of the year —
I am time itself
my foot like a serpent weighing down the necks of my enemies.
Thoth raises his paws at my coming.

I am the cry of the cock at dawn
the red wings of the eagle
bright with the blood of my prey
and upon my breast
holy words of destruction
holy words of creation
holy breath that breathes with all that lives.
By the seal with my form, work wonders.


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