Vow to Wepwawet-Yinepu


Anpu, called Wepwawet-Yinepu, called Anubis by the Greeks. He who is named Guardian, Challenger, Guide of the Dead. Jackal who places the heart on the Scales of Ma’at; Divine Child, Opener of the Ways …

I accept.

Be parent, teacher, guide, patron of my heart and soul and ways. You who formed my eternal ba, Father of my self. You know my truest Name. You waited silent and patient through my wanderings and searchings, and now my ka’s meanderings lead me to You. Guide me through the shadow-caves, challenge me in the dark, guard me when I cannot guard myself. Open the secret barricades of my heart so that my mouth and mind can understand them, so that I can learn to heal and grow in order to guard and guide others as well.

I give you worship. Let my mouth honor you, let my heart follow you. Be known to me and mine through my heka, my actions, and my steps. I will make offering to you at the morning-time; I will honor you in the evening-time. Under sun and stars – I honor you. In the ending of the age – I honor you. In the birthing of the next – I honor you.

Aid me in knowing ma’at. Guide me in upholding ma’at. I will keep my feet from isfet; it shall not mar my words. I will follow ma’at in heart and word and deed, and seek to uphold ma’at in the world around me. Let it be such that my heart will balance with the Feather in the Hall of Two Truths, and Ammit will not find cause to devour me in my ending breaths.

Dua Anpu! Dua Wepwawet! Dua Yinepu!


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