Hymn to Artemis


Hail to you Artemis, Maiden of the Forest, Lady of the Hunt, She who

is wreathed in the moonlight. Greetings to you Dancer in the Night,

Lady of the Living Waters, Shield to the Weak, Bane to the Oppressor.


How little do people know of you Divine Virgin. You are the Strong

One who strives for the furthest reach, who scales the unassailable

peaks, who roams in the forest deep. Where men sigh thinking they

have reach their limit you show them that much more left to explore,

to discover, to achieve. When men staggers and quit you extend your

hand and hold theirs, urging them to go one. When men balks and halt

you dare them to continue, to break through their barriers.


How little do people know of you Pure One. You are the Merciful One

who cradles the smallest and weakest of creatures in your arm,

calming them with your sweet voice and shielding them from harm. You

are the Helpful One who help all being grow strong and roam the

beautiful body of Gaia. You are the Lovely One who teaches all beings

of the wonders and beauty inherent within Nature, for you share your

love of Gaia with all living beings. However you too are the Fierce

One who with your mighty rifle lay low the fiercest and most baneful

of beast. You are the Accurate One who no beast can dodge the bullet

of your unerring aim. You are Forest Flame that consumes and flattens

the mighty forest so that new life and new trees may regenerate.


How little do people know of you Savior and Destroyer. You are the

Healer who with a single smile rejuvenate and revitalizes the pious,

the kind and the worthy. You too are the One who with a single frown

withers and weakens the impious and the wicked. You are the Supreme

Midwife whose very presence hastens and make painless the passage of

a child into the world. Every women in labor would praise your name

for they know in the absence of your deliverance all they will know

is pain and anguish.


And thus Blessed One do we honor you!!


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