Ereshkigal is a stern, implacable mistress of the underworld and the spirits of the dead. She can be violent and vengeful – but is also a terrible defender of those whom she cares for. She was frequently invoked alongside Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyri because of her fearsome reputation and her power over khthonic spirits. Those who are in mourning or dealing with other forms of grief could learn much from her. But she is also a harsh, demanding mistress that does not tolerate weakness in her votaries – so expect to be whipped into shape if you approach her – quite possibly literally!

Epithets:  “Great Lady Under the Earth”,  “Mistress of the House of Dust”, Allatu, Irkalla

Alternate forms of her name:  Eriskigal

Equated with:
 Hekate, Nephthys

Associations: ash, beer, bones, cemeteries, figs, gates, ghosts, hook, lapis lazuli, lions and lion cubs, mint, noose 

 To be determined

Ways to honor:
Make offerings to the deceased, give support to rape victims and the grieving, explore your own dark side. Magic and shamanic underworld descents are also ways to connect with her. Some modern votaries also engage in BDSM in her honor.

See also Queen of the Great Below, a devotional anthology in honor of Ereshkigal from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ancient hymns and poetryforthcoming

Ancient textsforthcoming

Modern hymns and poetry

The Appearance of Ereshkigal in Egypt by Phillupus

Prayer to Ereshkigal by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Ereshkigal by David 

Hymn to Ereshkigal I by Rebecca Buchanan

Prayer to Ereshkigal II by Rebecca Buchanan

Modern devotional texts


A Brief Overview on Ereshkigal by Kat


Ereshkigal, Lady of Shadows

Nergal and Ereshkigal

Modern retellings of Babylonian myths

Ereshkigal, Lady of the Great Below

Wikipedia article on Ereshkigal

Inanna’s Descent

Temple of Zagduku

Modern retelling of the Descent of Inanna

Sumerian underworld practices

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