Excerpt from Supplementum Magicum

… Nature-roamer, night-roamer, I order you, “Dog, Serpent, Chaplet, Key, Caduceus, bronze sandal of the ruler of Tartarus, gold sandal of De[ … ]prus; having seen the iron-sandalled female I fled and went in the tracks of the gold-sandalled Kore; save me, savior of the cosmos, daughter of Demeter,” to activate this charm for me: drive, spell-bind Matrona, whom Tagene bore, whose substance you have, whom Theodorus, whom Techosis bore, has in mind — “When under the shadowy mountains in the dark-gleaming land the child drives by force from the garden of Persephone at milking time the holy four-footed servant of Demeter, the goat with her ceaseless flow of rich milk THESOMENON… torches for Hecate Einodia; with a terrible voice the barbarously shouting goddess leads to the god; Night, Erebos, Darkness, Aion, Light, Artemis chaste … four-footed … Aphrodite delighting in her girdle, Persephoneia, Phoebe, … arrow-pourer … provident, arrow-tamer..” — keep this spell unbreakable forever. — Lead Tablet from Egypt, dating to 2nd or 3rd century CE Supplementum Magicum 49


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