First Fruits Festival Prayer

Melia Suez

Hail Demeter and Kore
The seeds have ripened,
Your promise has come to fruition,
Heralding the change of seasons.
Soon greenery in field, mountain and meadow
Shall perish in winter’s cold
Foretelling Kore’s return to her beloved.
The cycle of life continues.

I rejoice at my good fortune,
Blessed by your bounty.
May I find joy in the simple pleasures of life:
A child’s laugh
A kiss truly given
A job well done
A pantry of surety.
For these and all your gifts
I give you, Mother and Daughter, my thanks.

I also praise Zeus and all others
Whose gifts and blessings
Aided Demeter’s fertile power,
For she does not work alone.

I ask for blessings on those
That work the land
And the couriers too
As they provide the food for my table.
Hail Demeter and Kore!

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