For Hermes

by Melia Suez

Hail Hermes, clever fleet-footed son of Zeus.
Kind-hearted, unpredictable, scheming,
Impetuous, fortunate and wise.
Hermes I praise and honor you.
Giver of fortune, grant me the good.
Giver of sleep and dreams, let me sleep well.
Guardian of travelers, keep me safe on my journeys.
Master of thieves, guard my goods from your pupils.
Witty and charming one, steady my stumbling tongue.
Messenger of the Gods, give me understanding.
Magician, aid me in rituals and in learning your arts.
Playful One, help me teach my son without crushing his spirit.
Multifaceted, laughter-loving god
Accept this humble offering with my good will.
Hail Hermes.

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