Blessing: Khonsu is principally a god of the moon, and of time. He protects against the fearful things that stalk the night. A powerful healer, he is famed for his wisdom.

Epithets: Khonsu in Thebes Nefer-hotep, Khonsu pa-khered (Khonsu the Child), Khonsu pa-ir-sekher (Khonsu the provider Chespisichis in Greeks), Khonsu heseb-ahau (Khonsu, decider of the life span), the great god, the giver of life, and the giver of oracles, the expeller of spirits from the possessed, the clerk of the divine cycle.

Alternate forms of his name: Chons, Khons, Khensu, Chonshu

Equated with: Thoth, Ra, Shu, Iah, Min, Horus, Osiris, Hermes, Selene

Associations: sidelock of youth, pectoral garment, cresent moon, hawks, knives, bull, the color white, opal

Festival of Khonsu (Month of Pakhons)
Opet festival (15 Phaophi)

Ways to honor: Pray to him at night, especially during the full-moon; cultivate wisdom and your own healing powers; protect the weak.

 Ancient Texts:

Excerpts from the Coffins Texts

Excerpt from the Pyramid Texts

Excerpt from De Iside et Osiride by Plutarch

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Hymn to Khonsu I by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Khonsu II by Rebecca Buchanan

To Khonsu by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Festivals and Rituals: Forthcoming

Articles: Forthcoming


Khonsu, Lunar-god who came to greatness


Wikipedia article on Khonsu

Khonsu, patron of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight

Encyclopedia of the Orient article on Khonsu



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  1. Asterope says:

    I don’t know if this would be helpful, but here’s some stuff from my notes regarding epithets and titles:

    Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender

    The (one who) lives on hearts
    –the Pyramid texts – “Cannibal hymn”

    “lord of Ma´at”
    In Khumnu (Hermopolis) he was called “Khonsu-Djehuti”
    in Edfu he was considered to be the son of Osiris and known as “the son of the leg”

    Khonsu in Thebes Nefer-hotep”
    Khonsu pa-khered, or Khonsu the Child
    Khonsu pa-ir-sekher, or Khonsu the provider (the Chespisichis of the Greeks)
    Khonsu heseb-ahau, or Khonsu, decider of the life span
    Khonsu was linked with Osiris as “the son of the leg”,

    Angry one of the Gods
    Khonsu, the Merciful
    Khonsu, who determines Fate
    The great god who dives out disease demons
    –Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt Geraldine Pinch

    Pendulum of heaven,
    Precise divider of months
    Pyramid Text 273 — J. Rabinowitz, Isle of Fire, p. 110

    God of the New Moon,
    He Who Travels,
    He Who Traverses the Sky,
    The Navigator,
    The Wanderer,
    He Who Crosses the Sky in a Boat

    Who traverses Egypt in order to rule the two halves (of Egypt) in his great name Chons
    Lord of Gladness
    Reckoner of Time
    Chons, heart of Re, who knows all things
    The Eagle of many-coloured plumage (chons-thoth in Edfu)
    Chons-Horus, lord of the amulet
    lord of the gods (chons-thoth)
    the lion great in strength (chons-thoth in Edfu = Horus)
    who appeases the gods
    who makes slaughter among the foes of the wadjet eye ((chons-thoth in Edfu)
    the second Re (chons-thoth)
    –Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt: a study of some aspects of theological thought in ancient Egypt

    The oracular
    the kind and friendly
    the great god
    the driver away of evil
    –A history of Egypt under the Pharaohs: derived entirely from the monuments, to which is added a discourse on the exodus of the Israelites

    The brilliant dweller in Thebes
    –Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Part 17 By James Hastings

    Misc titles from various translations of the the Princess of Bekhten story-
    Knonsu, who rules destinies in Thebes
    Who makes his plans in Thebes or maker of his plans
    Smiter of wanderers
    The Helper
    The maker of means
    expeller of demons
    pendulum of heaven,
    precise divider of months
    maker of oracles
    the giver or oracles
    the belle one at rest
    the hidden one

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the “Egyptian moon gods” link at the bottom is broken, and it looks like the daub may have been bought by someone else.

    Please feel free to remove this comment; I’m hoping this is the quickest way to let you know. 🙂

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