Harvest Prayer for Demeter

Melia Suez

Hail and Praise Demeter, Mother of all that grows.
As stores are filled again with flavorful bounty,
I thank you for your generosity
which sustains both body and spirit.
The riches of vine, orchard and field
are born of your power, Harvest Mother.
Our spirits rise with your beauty,
for you are everywhere:
In meadow and mountainside,
In field and garden and all that grows.
Beloved Demeter, your mysteries of the seed
Bring us the miracle of birth, growth, death and rebirth.
As the grain was separated from the earth,
as the seed was separated from the chaff,
Separate from me that which I do not need.
Help me to continue to grow
So that my full potential is reached
Before I too am cut down.
Hail Lady of Mysteries.
Hail Bountiful Queen
Hail Demeter.

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