The members of Neos Alexandria have written quite a lot of long and short fiction in honor of the Gods and heroes. Some of these pieces have been published in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series. Some were written for the Literary Agons held in 2008 and 2009. Others have been posted on members’ blogs or have appeared in other publications. A few of them are collected below.


A Letter Home by Rebecca Buchanan

And Time Enough …. by Diotima Sophia

Black Leopard by Rebecca Buchanan

Morpheus at Forbidden Planet by Diotima Sophia

Philemon and Baucis’ Snake; or, Why You Should Always Tend Your Household Guardian by Melia Suez

Poppy-Laden by Diotima Sophia

Refuge by Diotima Sophia

Sacred Fire by Artaxastra

The Slipper by Melia Suez

The Truth of Pandora by Melia Suez

The Visitors by Melia Suez

Where the Oleander Blooms by Reverend Allyson Szabo

Wild Night by Diotima Sophia

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